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    Assorted modified electric and electronic toys, sensors, control voltage generating modular system, custom electronics,
    light sources and loudspeakers.
    220 x 105 x 110 cm. (window display)

    Toyzone is an installation derived from On Air, a radio performance by No Noise Reduction (JPF and Rafael Toral) using manipulated sounds made by modified electronic toys. Installed as an alternative shop window display, Toyzone links the lo-fi noises now associated with electronic play with the sophisticated processing of generative feedback systems – most toys are triggered by actions of other toys, or by interaction with the public.

    João Paulo Feliciano: Structural hardware, general design, toy modifications.
    Rafael Toral: Control circuits, electronic hardware design, toy modifications and interfaces.
    Filipe Leite: Electronic engineering, circuits implementation and assembly.
    Pedro Coelho: Multi-format cable manufacturing and general assistance.

    Produced for the exhibition “Sonic Boom – the Art of Sound”, curated by David Toop.
    Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre, London
    27 April – 18 June 2000.