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  • Glow Wow

    pulverized water system (cloud); RGB LED projectors, DMX controller.
    dimensions (cloud radius): 3.5 mt (approx)

    Glow Wow is about colour composition. Not on a plane nor in space, but on the timeline dimension. Like a song, or a film. Slow passages, fast pulses, smooth mixes, crescendi, pauses, alternating complementary colours, long “tones”… It plays with how our short-term perception memory relates different colour hues. Again, like the sequence of events in a musical composition. Glow Wow uses a hemispheric cloud of pulverized water as “support” to catch the coloured light produced by a set of variable colour projectors installed on its base. The programming, or composition, was executed using computer software, to “read” chromatic information from digital images, translating pixel RGB values into colour control data.