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    Étude (Minor Relative)photography2008
    Étude (Conducting Technique)photography2008
    From Right to Leftphotography2008
    Love for Songsphotography2008
    Feliciano! photography2008
    Full Moonlightphotography2008
    Percussion Instruments #01 - #04photography2008
    The Art of Conductingphotography2008
    Conducting Patternsdrawings series2008
    Fermatasculpture; object2008
    Mimic Gimmicksingle channel video2008
    Kaleidoscopic Blues Machinevideo sculpture2007
    The Blues Quartetsound and light sculpture-installation2004 - 2007
    Tape Paintingscollage "painting"2005 - 2007
    Sweet Music (2006)photography2006
    No Sound is Innocentvideo sculpture2006
    Árvore sem Sombra (Shadeless Tree)light sculpture2005 - 2006
    Fogo!video instalation2006
    There Is No Easy Way To MarsOutdoor video sculpture2005
    I Dream Of Cities In Colourscollages2005
    Discussion Brings Enlightenmentsound and light sculpture-installation2005 - 2007
    Double Meaningdrawing; wall object2005
    Green Slitsphotography; collage2005
    Infinity - Fractalityphotography; sculpture1990 - 2005
    Sunset Slitsphotography; collage2005
    Sliced Slit Bitsphotography; collage2005
    Pequeno Poema Eléctricosculpture; assemblage2005
    Dual Toneinstallation2004
    Slit Sunny Windowsite-specific installation (window work)2004
    Colour Building #1light projection2004
    Glow Wowlight sculpture2004
    Yellow Pink Red Windowsite-specific installation (window work)2004
    Green Windowsite-specific installation (window work)2004
    Newtronvideo sculpture2004
    Dazed & Confusedinstallation2004
    Flow Motionvideo sculpture2003
    24 Short Textstexts; paintings; wall plates2003
    Quadro Eléctricophotography on a light box2002 - 2005
    Black & White & Cut & Pastevideo installation2000
    Mariasculpture; assemblage1999
    Evolution My Mindinstallation1998
    The Big Red Puff Sound Siteinstallation1994
    Travel Sitevideo installation1994
    Test Site Filescollage files1993
    Test Siteinstallation1993
    Swinging Electric Chairsculpture; assemblage1993
    Rock Stretching Legsassemblage; sculpture; installation1993
    Podium Climbing to the Stagesculpture; installation1992
    White Dust / Rusted Stringsinstallation; floor sculpture1992
    Moneyland Records ‘92 Releasesfake advertising page1991
    Sweet Music (1992)photography1992
    Two Unfolded Glovesassemblage1992
    The New Paragonphotography, object1991
    Stupid (Hot & Cold)paintng1992
    Death Comes in Silencedrawing; assemblage1992
    Crash Musicinstallation; performance; video; text1991
    Mind Your Own Businesssingle-channel video projection1991
    Back Homeinstallation1990
    Go Aheadobject, sculpture1990
    Two Tongues Playin' 'round a Housepainting / photography1990
    Flying Saucersculpure; assemblage1991
    Stored Tape For Future Tasteobject; edition1990
    Podium Isolated-Reversed (L’Arc de Triomphe)sculpture, installation1990
    Stage Real Fakesculpture, assemblage, installation1990
    Light Cornersculpture; assemblage1990
    Clampingwall sculpture; assemblage1990
    Some Square Centimeters of Realityassemblage1989