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    30 APR - 11 JUL 2004

    Serralves, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oporto

    João Paulo Feliciano’s exhibition at the Serralves Museum consisted of seven new works exploring the use of light and colour. Resulting from research and ideas developed by the artist for the past five years, the works were selected and submitted to a process of adaptation to the Serralves Museum building.

    from the press release:
    The whole exhibition was essentially about the perception of light, colour, space and time not as independent factors but as an exploitation of the subtle relations between those factors. The works presented are a challenge to the spectator that is defied to involve himself actively in the act of observing the work. That phenomenological perspective activates the individual conscience on the way we observe the world around us and simultaneously questions the factors and parameters that usually condition that perception.


    Colour Building (+)
    Glow Wow (+)
    Yellow Pink Red Window (+)
    Green Window (+)
    Newtron (+)
    Dazed & Confused (+)
    Flow Motion (+)