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    Houselab was a team based collaborative project dedicated to the exploration of artistic possibilities of technology applied to live events, mixed-media installations, performing spaces, audio-visual experiences, electronic music, sound design, interactivity and sound art. Regular members included: Rafael Toral, Helder Luis, Rui Gato, Rui Toscano and João Paulo Feliciano, who also performs general coordination.

    HOUSEWARE EXPERIENCE 99 (experimentadesign99)
    Explorations in live mixmedia, 18 September, Central Tejo, Lisboa

    Participants: João Paulo Feliciano // Dub Video Connection // Helder Luis // Joe Fossard // Rafael Toral // T.V.T // Luis Miguel // RevDesign // D-Fuse // The Apolloprogram // Nonplace Urban Field // Amon Tobim // David Toop // I’m Sore // Zzzzzzp! // Major Eléctrico // Lisburn // Peterman // Dreamlab


    Mixmedia party to end Portugal’s national day at Expo 2000, 5 October, Fun Club, Hannover
    Participants: João Paulo Feliciano // Dub Video Connection // Helder Luis // Rui Toscano // Rui Gato // Rafael Toral // Luis Cruz // Pedro Fradique


    selected Houselab projects / events:

    VOYAGER-01 / experimentadesign2001
    Red Module
    Sound design and installation by Rafael Toral and Rui Gato.
    Milan, London, Lisbon and Barcelona, between April 2001 and October 2002.

    houselab london

    STOP MOTION, 2001
    Houselab work-in-progress live mix-media show.
    November 1, Porto 2001 – Odisseia nas Imagens.

    stop motion

    VOYAGER-03 / experimentadesign2003
    “This is Music as it was Expected…”
    sound-to-light immersive environment, developed by JPF and Helder Luí­s, upon Tó-Zé Ferreira’s electronic musical masterpiece (recorded in1996 and remixed for Voyager 03)
    Barcelona, Paris, Madrid, Lisboa, between June and October 2003.

    v03 habitáculo