Screen Play – Christian Marclay

Escrito em January 15, 2008
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– performance –

Screen Play (2005) premiered in the Performa biennial in New York, is inspired by the tradition of graphic scores – expanding it to include moving images and digital graphical elements that can function as signs suggesting emotions, energy, rhythm, pitch, volume and duration.
Three different musical groups are invited, one after the other, to produce a live performance and improvisation based on the “score” – the projected fi lm – enabling the general public to observe the musical process implied in each of the three soundtracks thereby created.

Group I
Nuno Rebelo – guitar
Marco Franco – drums
João Paulo Feliciano – organ
Rafael Toral – modular synthesizer and electronica

Group II
João Martins – saxophones and home-made electro-acustic instruments
Gustavo Costa – percussion and electronica
Jonathan Saldanha – electronica

Group III
Steve Beresford – electronica
Mark Sanders – percussion
Alan Tomlinson- trombones

Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art (auditorium)
Friday, 26 September 2008, 22:00


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